Social ‘Beings’

Paul Anderson - Mackay Through The Lens

WE ARE HERE FOR A PURPOSE… To evolve both physically and spiritually. The motivating force that keeps us moving forward is a natural wish of the universe to expand and develop. We are all included in this natural expansion, and that expansion includes becoming consciously aware of who we REALLY are.

Who we presently THINK we are correlates collectively to who we think we are as a species, and both individually and collectively we are under the delusion that we are this human body that cocoons us and a thinking mind that overwhelms us. But that is not so.

By nature, we are social animals, (with the emphasis on ‘animals’). This means that the controlling factor in our social-ness, which collectively makes us a ‘Society’ is the ego, the instinctual animal, or physical-ness of ourselves. This is the mindset that is currently the basis for our approach to life.

“The thing with humans as a society is, we judge by title, race, gender, colour.
We all want to be accepted one way or the other so we congregate into different groups and classes so as to adhere to what the majority wants. We lose the chance to build good relationships and live independently because we fear going against society’s norm and following our own heart.”

Our societal approach to life is largely unconscious, therefore prone to controls being imposed by the selfish, ignorant few who have surreptitiously gained the upper hand. They do this unconsciously of course, ensuring the unconsciousness of the masses and therefore society as a whole can continue to run rampant.

That doesn’t let us off the hook, for by implication we are all to blame. We are willing participants in our social structure, but to try and do something to alleviate the problems of society, like protesting, picketing, demonstrating, etc, only makes us as bad as them, for our aim is to create our own rules to replace theirs.

Rather than doing something, we need to understand something… To become consciously aware of the restrictions that society brings to our freedom. Once we are fully aware, we will evolve into much more compassionate ‘Social Beings rather than the ‘social animals’ that we presently are…

Dan’s Quote: “Society says, ‘Be yourself.’
_____________Then Society says, ‘NO, not like that.’”


Header: Coal train. Mackay Queensland, Australia.~ Paul Anderson.

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  1. Interesting. We need company for sure. But, we need to be wise the company doesn’t stifle us.

    I believe we beings, soul, spirit. In a human form to Express our inner goodness, but we have lost our way just a tad. From our original qualities of peace, love, joy, purity and wisdom. We are all that is negative rather than our true nature. Aka all that is good.

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