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From Cradle To Grave

currumbin beach gold coast

AS A BABY WE ARE BORN CONSCIOUS of the purpose of our life… albeit only for a short time, until we are plunged into the unconscious depths of our humanness. But why is it necessary to so quickly become unconscious? Why doesn’t the awareness of who we truly are continue?

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Proof Of Love

The Kimberley by chopper. Matt Wright 'The Outback Wrangler' by National Geographic Australia

WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING… And that’s to be loved. We put a lot of effort into being nice to people because we are trying to please them, rather than please ourselves. This is based on fear. We try to please them because we want their love and appreciation, but fear we won’t get it.

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This Is It! You Are It!


YOU CAN SEARCH FOR THE MEANING OF LIFE all you want, but if you constantly beat yourself up because you fail to ‘See the light’, you may just be missing out on the true purpose of life… which is to embrace all the up and down moments in this life experience from your own unique perspective.

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Why So Difficult?


IF YOU ARE A SEEKER OF THE TRUTH like me, you probably read everything you can that might help you become more conscious, to understand life more clearly and be more spiritual. So why is it so difficult to put all that learning into practice? How can we get beyond a simple intellectual understanding of life?

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Lost In Memories

South Straddie
HE WORLD YOU ARE EXPERIENCING right now is coming from within you. All that you perceive to be outside of you, people, places, etc, is a manifestation of your mind. Your life’s journey is nothing more than an illusion of reality flowing through an illusion of time and space.

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