Highs and Lows


WE SPEND OUR LIVES striving for the positive things in life, happiness, pleasure, love, riches, excitement, while at the same time constantly trying to avoid the negative things in life, unhappiness, pain, heartache, poverty… all of which requires a lot of effort and vigilance.

Life tends to not follow our expectations. We may be on a high one moment and a low the next. We spend our lives fluctuating between these two extremes. Even though we may not understand why, the lows are an essential part of our life experience, for without them we would not learn to appreciate the highs.

Our high moments may be appreciated, but the lows are even more important, for lying at the bottom of every low there’s a challenge that needs to be met and conquered. A negativity of some sort, anger, sadness, frustration, depression, illness, loss, bad luck… that’s what we’re here to experience and conquer.

“We are born to experience the lows of life just as much or more so than the highs,
for the lows of life are essential for our physical and spiritual growth.”

We may wish it were so, but it’s impossible to remain positive all the time, because when walking life’s path there will be a negativity every now and then that we must endure. Our high moments are there as a breathing space so we don’t become too overwhelmed by the hardships of life.

But even the high moments are not as great as they appear to be, for while we are happy financially, materialistically, in love, on top of the world etc, at the back of our mind there’s the niggling worry that at any moment we may lose the good things and times we have.

In our lifetime we will experience every aspect of what it’s like to be a human being, both the highs and the lows of life are essential. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Maybe you don’t see the reason right now, but you must understand that nothing you’ve gone through has been in vain.

Life is rearranging itself perfectly to give you an experiential blend of exactly what you need for your spiritual and physical growth, ensuring that eventually you reach your ultimate perfection…

Dan’s Quote: “The obstacles in life are not obstacles at all,
_____________but stepping stones on the road of your life’s journey.


Header: ‘Mindil Beach, Darwin, Australia’s Northern Territory.

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