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Yes, It Is Real!


YOU ARE SPIRITUAL ENERGY having a human experience. Your consciousness is focused in a physical body knowing full well that all is well, always has been and always will be. You came here with something to do, although while in physical form you don’t remember that.

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We Need Badness Too

Charlottes Pass

WHEN WE ARE BORN INTO THIS WORLD we choose not to remember our True Selves or the true nature of reality. Why? Well, if we retained the knowledge of our True Selves after physical birth there would be no challenge, no thrill or satisfaction in being here.

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Vital Statistics

Cape Hillsborough1

YOU’RE PRETTY LUCKY YOU KNOW. For a start you’re alive. You have plenty to eat and drink. You have a roof over your head. There are countless other things that you should be grateful for but here is something else to think about.

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The Point Of Adversity

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AS AN ARTIST SELECTS WHICH PAINTS  will go onto a blank canvas, prior to birth, our souls choose the tones for a life that will determine our parents, ethnicity, country of birth, etc. Our souls also choose a number of possible paths that we’ll need to follow that will allow us to expand certain aspects of our being.

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Soul Control

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WHEN THINGS GO WRONG IN OUR LIFE we tend to blame someone else. He/she/they made me angry, unhappy, sad, sick, broke my heart, ruined my day… but in truth no one else is to blame for our woes. They are only players acting out a role in our life story.

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