Getting In Character


WHAT WE BELIEVE SOMEONE THINKS OF US influences how we will act when in their company. We subtly portray different personalities depending on the people we are with. In each case, we are acting out a role that is different to who we really are.

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Just Be Yourself

15 The Royal Exhibition Building in autumn, Melbourne Victoria.

WE ALL WEAR MASKS WHEN OUT IN PUBLIC, but underneath this false persona we cannot be other than who we truly are. The reason is that there is no alternative. How can we be anything but who we are? Yet, we continue to pretend to be a faux-mix of different personalities, depending on who we are with.

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The Negativity Within


TERRORISM HAS ONCE AGAIN SHOWN ITS UGLY FACE, this time targeting the citizens of London and Manchester. The amount of violence in our world today is out of control. So, the question must be, what can we do to stop it?

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All The Same


WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE the world change for the better but there’s a problem. We believe that it’s not our responsibility to fix it. We blame others for the violence in the world, not us. Each of us believes that we are decent human beings, while it is the evil ones that are causing the upheavals in the world.

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Lookin’ Good


IT’S AMAZING HOW WE CAN inadvertently become so deeply absorbed with how we are seen by others, that keeping up appearances has become a way of life, an obsession in fact. Many of us even give up our own happiness and comforts in order to look and act in a way that we think would be acceptable to others.

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