The Child Within

the great australian outback muster

WE ARE ETERNAL SPIRITUAL BEINGS who are curious to learn what it’s like to be finite physical beings. This learning experience is never-ending. We are born, bred, die and then re-born into this physical world, believing in each separate incarnation that we are a physical being that will grow old and one day die.

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The Never-ending Cycle


The Ghan

IT WOULD APPEAR that because of mankind’s violent and cruel nature, our insatiable greed, our complete disregard for our planet’s health and limited resources, plus our mindless self-abuse with harmful drugs, that we are on our way to self-extinction, but that’s not true. We are meant to be here, exactly as we are in this moment in time.

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The Media Hype

Glasshouse Mountains

ACCORDING TO MASS MEDIA’S reporting of world events, it would appear that we all could be heading towards ruination and possible extinction. If you limit yourself to mainstream media to keep up to date with world events, this might well be your assumption.

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The Blind Leading The Blind

Sydney harbour

THE TROUBLE WITH RELIGION is that it has not kept pace with human progress. Mankind has changed dramatically from who we were in the times of the Bible or Koran. If we were magically transported back to those days it would be as foreign to us as living on Mars.

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Being Right

Sunrise, Scarborough, qld

WE HUMANS HAVE A MAJOR FAILING. We will give up peace, harmony, safety, security, even our sanity for this one thing. And that thing is, ‘Being Right’. The need to ‘Be Right’ means we are prejudiced. Everything we see or hear has to be first screened through our rigid, narrow minded judgmental system.

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