Be True To You

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WE CONSTANTLY WORRY ABOUT what sort of an impression we are making on others. We are concerned about how we look, or whether we are saying or doing the right thing. What the hell for? Who cares? We don’t need to impress anyone. We don’t need to be anything other than who we truly are.

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Getting To Know You

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DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE? Have you ever stopped and wondered why your life sucks at times? Like most of us, do you blame life or others for your misfortunes? The truth is there’s no one to blame. The world is your classroom and the people in it are acting out roles in your life drama.

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Oh Woe Is Me!


WHEN OUR LIFE IS DOING JUST FINE, it’s easy to take the credit and say, ‘I created all this’, but what happens when things go wrong, who do we blame ? God? The government? Someone else? At these times we can become overwhelmed with feelings of irritation and despair.

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Creative Genius

Broome Camel Safaris in Australia's North West,

YOU THINK THAT THIS IS ALL THERE IS. That your life is a one off special event. You protectively guard yourself against any sort of danger or of being hurt. You get distressed and cry ‘Why me?’ when you suffer an illness or things go wrong. You worry about not getting enough money, excitement, love etc.

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An Ego’s Eye View

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YOUR MIND CAN ONLY MAKE SENSE OF LIFE by using past data it has collected during your present lifetime, from birth until the present. It has no knowledge of things existing in the wider spectrum. Even though you may be giving your best effort, your everyday human mind can never discover who you really are.

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