A World Of Our Own

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EVERYTHING THAT WE ARE AWARE OF in the world that’s wrapped around us, including our own bodies is not real. It’s all a fabrication of our mind built up from birth according to our ever changing emotions and beliefs of what we have been told and imagined the world to be like.

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A World Of Smoke And Mirrors

The Kimberley by chopper. Matt Wright 'The Outback Wrangler' by National Geographic Australia

IF WE ARE TO LEARN THE TRUTH about our existence and why we are here, we must first become aware of what is real and what is not. We are accustomed to blindly accepting the fact that what we experience with our five senses is real. But what if everything is not as it seems?

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Giving Away Our Power

currumbin beach gold coast

WHEN WE ARE BORN INTO THIS WORLD we begin to get a feeling about life. A thought and an attitude that overwhelms all else. That feeling is one of helplessness. We connect with other people and with events and everything seems so much stronger and wiser than us, more powerful, more domineering.

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Rite Of Passage


WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT STANDARDS and desires that differ from person to person, culture to culture. People everywhere, even in impoverished and war torn counties have different standards and desires that are no lesser than for others, just different. We didn’t come here to do it the same way, or be alike.

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The Humps And Bumps Of Life

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THERE ARE MANY THINGS WE WANT IN LIFE. We strive for happiness, pleasure, love, money, excitement, contentment, (all of which we think is our God given right) while at the same time we constantly try to avoid unhappiness, pain, heartache, poverty… which requires a lot of effort and vigilance.

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