Outside Influences

Sunrise at Glen Helen Gorge is worth the early start, there's no doubt about that! This stunning spot in the Northern Territory

FROM THE MOMENT WE ARE BORN, we as human beings begin the lifelong process of establishing our own unique sense of self. It starts when we are very young and hardly aware of anything, but as we grow, the external world begins to literary define us.

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Inner Demons

Cairns marina

ARE YOU TRYING TO BE SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT? Constantly conforming to what you believe others think you should be? Do you feel like you’re being constantly judged, even when you’re on your own? All this self recrimination, insecurity and mental turmoil is upsetting your enjoyment of life.

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Whispers Of The Soul

A Only the Apostles delivered a sunset like this one! jpg

YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE! You have an inner power that your everyday mind keeps subdued beneath a constant barrage of thoughts. That power has always been there, it never leaves you, it is who you are. It’s quiet whispers guide you in every aspect of your life… but you must learn to take heed.

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Be True To You

1 Henley-beach-adelaide-cropped-xlarge

WE CONSTANTLY WORRY ABOUT what sort of an impression we are making on others. We are concerned about how we look, or whether we are saying or doing the right thing. What the hell for? Who cares? We don’t need to impress anyone. We don’t need to be anything other than who we truly are.

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Getting To Know You

Bronte Beach

DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE? Have you ever stopped and wondered why your life sucks at times? Like most of us, do you blame life or others for your misfortunes? The truth is there’s no one to blame. The world is your classroom and the people in it are acting out roles in your life drama.

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