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The Face in the Mirror

aagolden sunset

WE THINK WE ARE the face we see in the mirror each morning. This person inside our head that we call ‘ME’ is continually thinking and chattering to itself, shaping our beliefs, judgments and opinions of who we are and what the world is like, which then determines the way we approach life.

But what if we weren’t the face in the mirror or the thinker in our head? If not, then who would we be? Honestly, we just don’t know. We are told we really are a Spirit/Soul which is timeless, but the person we think we are lives in time. Timelessness for us is an unknown, we’ve never experienced it while in human form.

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Inside Out

aSydney harbour

WE ARE QUITE SURE that we are a thinking physical being walking around in a material world. But is it possible that the material world is only a simulation, an illusion that exists within our mind and projected outwards, making it the world we believe is reality?

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How Would We Know?

Aussie Snowfields

IS THE WORLD YOU SEE REAL? Or is it only a reflection of what you ‘believe’ is real? A belief formed by your ideas, desires and emotions, emanating from somewhere deep inside your mind, making it the truth as you see it?

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Fear Fed Feelings

Sunset after a storm in Queensland, Auatralia

FEAR INVADES THE MIND, emotions and body. Fear is what frequently holds us back. Fear of what might happen if we take a certain step. Fear of completely letting go and where that might lead us. Fear of hurting others by being honest and speaking what’s truly on our mind.

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The ‘Ego Thingy’

Dr. Karen Sutherland, a wonderful morning at Coolum Beach

WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT to stop your compulsive thinking? Why is it that underneath the persona that you show the world you really are a sometimes violent, sometimes fearful person? Why can’t you simply rid yourself of this negative ‘ego thingy’ that you are told you have?

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