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Paul Anderson - Mackay Through The Lens

WE ARE HERE FOR A PURPOSE… To evolve both physically and spiritually. The motivating force that keeps us moving forward is a natural wish of the universe to expand and develop. We are all included in this natural expansion, and that expansion includes becoming consciously aware of who we REALLY are.

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Highs and Lows


WE SPEND OUR LIVES striving for the positive things in life, happiness, pleasure, love, riches, excitement, while at the same time constantly trying to avoid the negative things in life, unhappiness, pain, heartache, poverty… all of which requires a lot of effort and vigilance.

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You are the Ultimate Reality

Sunset over lake at longreach

DO YOU SURVIVE DEATH? That’s the question that we all silently ask ourselves. You can’t answer that question because your physical, ego self cannot know, but, the simple asking of it, without filling your mind with possible answers, opens the space for the answer to eventually come.

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Bold and BullyProof

Boab Trees against a Sunset Sky at Derby in the Kimberley, Western Australia By Peter Walton Photography

YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT to be exactly who you are. You don’t need to be different in looks or manner just because others tell you, you should. The biggest problem is that some of those self-appointed judges are people who are close to you, family, friends, ones who are projecting their own imagined lack of self-worth onto you.

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The Child Within

the great australian outback muster

WE ARE ETERNAL SPIRITUAL BEINGS who are curious to learn what it’s like to be finite physical beings. This learning experience is never-ending. We are born, bred, die and then re-born into this physical world, believing in each separate incarnation that we are a physical being that will grow old and one day die.

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