Ego and Mind

riding a wave

THIS MAY CAUSE SOME CONFUSION, but we are not this body that’s wrapped around us, nor are we the incessant thinker inside our head that we identify as being who we are. That is the ego, the eyes and senses through which consciousness (Spirit, All That Is) views and identifies with physical form.

Our Soul, Consciousness’ representative in the mind, experiences the physical world via the ego in its desire to know itself and evolve in form, which takes time, but its natural state is timeless, so a physical universe was created to allow the necessary time needed for this evolutionary process.

A curtain of forgetfulness is drawn across the mind at physical birth, causing unconsciousness of spirit. During our lifetime, the mind is shared between consciousness (via the Soul) and the ego, the custodian of the human body.

Consciousness was unaware of itself at the beginning of the human journey on earth. The master plan was to eventually evolve to full conscious awareness of itself while in physical form. The ego plays an important part in this sequence of events.

The ego is part of the machine (physical body) used by consciousness for each of our human journeys. At the end of which, the ego, with the machine that it has for that time had control of deceases. Another ego will be part of the body used for our next human life journey and so on.

The record of each of our human journeys is stored by the mind as indelible images of past lives and is kept by consciousness as a permanent record. Consciousness retains these images after our physical life ends and continues to fully identify with them, as ‘you’, an individual personality.

In other words, the awareness of the person you think you are now, continues on indefinitely as part of consciousness’ experience. The only change is that after death, you will also remember all the identities (ego personalities) you once were in past lives.

The mind plays a very important part in all this, as does the ego. They are indispensable to the experience of physical life and in the evolution of consciousness…

Dan’s Quote: “You are an aperture through which consciousness
_____________is looking at and exploring itself.”


Inspiration for this post came from: A New Earthby Eckhart Tolle
and There Is A Riverby Edgar Cayce

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  1. Very much Vedantic in your approach. Do you follow Rev Sarvapriyananda from the Vedantic society in New York. Your thoughts reflect the Advaitic Vedanta approach. Very interesting indeed.

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