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Learning What’s Not Taught


IN OUR SOCIETY we are not taught to live the way we feel we should. We are not taught to follow our true passions and aspirations. What we are taught is to go to school, study hard in subjects that will be of little benefit to us later on, then work in some dreary job, earn a living and pay our way like the rest of society.

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The Ride Of Your Life

Bronte Beach

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM OF LIFE! You are not a spectator observing and interacting with a separate world that surrounds you, someone that is vulnerable to all the suffering while desperately searching for the fleeting joy that life presents. YOU are all of it… the world, the suffering and the joy!

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Time And Again


WE THINK THIS LIFE IS IT! The familiar reflection we see in the mirror each morning that we identify with as being who we are. We are taught that we will eventually grow old then die and be no more. Some say there may be life after death, but they can’t be sure… nor we.

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The Rebel Within

Broome Camel Safaris in Australia's North West,
THE CLOSER WE GET to solving mankind’s behavioral problems, the more dysfunctional we become, as can be witnessed by the upheavals in the world today. What is happening is our collective human ego is rebelling against its imminent demise as the master of our minds.

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An Imperfect World

Cape Hillsborough1

WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL BEINGS wrapped up in a dank, cumbersome body that we’ve chosen to inhabit for the duration of one lifetime. The physical body enclosing us, that we learn to call ‘Me’ feels strange and uncomfortable at first… but eventually we get used to it.

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