These quotes are mostly mine, thought of often while writing my blogs,
or during my daily walks… or in the early hours of the morning
when the intrusive thought will force me to awaken,
impelling me to get out of bed to write it down before I forget.



Expansion of mind

I need to say

wiser than you



Child of the Universe

hard to get along with

open your soul eyes

God dreaming


Always be yourself


God pretending1

Untitled 11


question life

Spiritual Awakening



  1. Hi Dan, thank you for sharing quotes with your readers here. You obviously have put considerable thoughts and efforts behind the selection and presentation of these quotes. I am impressed and also resonate with them.

    My counterpart to yours can be found at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/quotes/ where the chosen quotes will really pique your interest as you visit it to read both the page proper and the comments left by my readers and I on that page. Some of my readers are certainly not adverse to leaving heated debates and challenging comments on my posts and pages, where there is no censorship regardless of how heated, impassioned, protracted, and/or lengthy some “rants”, exchanges or assertions can be, as can be seen at the comment section of the post. I look forward to your comments there.

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