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A Fleeting Moment


HOW MARVELOUS IT IS TO FEEL ALIVE… To be a special someone with a life story full of memories that’s all your own. But at the same time, it’s a bit scary when you think that: ‘Inevitably, all this must end, I’m going to grow old and die’… The painful truth is, your existence as a unique human being is only temporary.

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A Drop In The Ocean


HERE IS SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. The state of consciousness of any one human being directly affects the state of consciousness of all human beings, for there is only One Collective Consciousness. In other words, we are all in Spiritual Unity with everyone else.

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The Special YOU


IN TRUTH THERE IS NO SEPARATION, NO ‘OTHER’. Like the one diamond has many facets, in essence we are all facets of the One Joyful Spirit who is enthusiastically and eagerly learning what life is all about. To do this we are playing a game of hide and seek with ourselves.

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All Under Control

Charlottes Pass

ALL OUR WARS AND HOSTILITY towards each other is over mankind’s determination that we must all be the same, for to be different is regarded as strange and sometimes even dangerous. But because we are born and raised to obey authority, we are restrained in our efforts to change this vacuous mentality.

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The Omni-YOU

South Straddie

IF WE KNEW THAT WE WERE ALL CONNECTED. If we fully understood that there is no separation between us and every other human being in the world, that their pain is our pain, would we continue to regard each other with contempt… to rob, rape, torture, kill and wage war with each other like we now do?

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