The Never-ending Cycle


The Ghan

IT WOULD APPEAR that because of mankind’s violent and cruel nature, our insatiable greed, our complete disregard for our planet’s health and limited resources, plus our mindless self-abuse with harmful drugs, that we are on our way to self-extinction, but that’s not true. We are meant to be here, exactly as we are in this moment in time.

In reality, we are Eternal Spiritual Beings learning the pros and cons of being mortal physical beings. Now the time is approaching for mankind to move on to the next phase. The shift towards this awakening began some time back, but now it is gaining momentum.

Many of us are already experiencing this major shift in consciousness as we undergo our own spiritual awakening. We are on the brink of finding our true purpose, of realizing our potential as spiritual beings rather than remaining at the level of the mundane physical beings we think we are now.

The underlying principle is that a loving, compassionate, conscious reality is slowly replacing an outdated, fear-based, ‘fight or flight‘ one. In metaphysical terms, we are experiencing a global shift to a higher vibration and the realization that we are here for a higher purpose.

“Inside each thought, you will sense a presence.
You will feel suggestions pulling you in different directions, and ultimately
it will be up to you to decide which way to go.”

You yourself might already be experiencing this shift and if so, you are playing a vital role in this global awakening. Your shift in consciousness will help allow the physicality and heavy energy of Earth to dissipate, revealing a truly beautiful reality behind the veil of ignorance that presently surrounds the world.

Primarily, I write this article for myself knowing that it will help me to unlearn and relearn many things, but this article is also for you, regardless of what level you are at spiritually… not to believe what is written here but to help entice you to choose your own path to spiritual awakening.

In this, your never-ending cycle of life, death, rebirth, be aware that it will all change as you evolve into a greater and more consciously aware version of yourself. You are forever… Remember that…

Dan’s Quote: “You will never be disappointed at what happens to you
_____________as a result of your desire to understand your true nature.”


This post was inspired by reading an article in Power and Positivity.
Header: Climb aboard The Ghan. The train that crosses Australia.

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