The Child Within

the great australian outback muster

WE ARE ETERNAL SPIRITUAL BEINGS who are curious to learn what it’s like to be finite physical beings. This learning experience is never-ending. We are born, bred, die and then re-born into this physical world, believing in each separate incarnation that we are a physical being that will grow old and one day die.

When told that we are eternal and that our existence continues in some form after we die is all well and good…. But do we really believe it? We’d like too of course, but the only way to find out for sure… is to die. And that for us (our ego), is a very scary prospect.

The ego, our habitual, thinking mind, is necessary for the survival of the physical self. It takes care of the body and tells us when to run from danger or defend ourselves. It is very defensive and easily angered, approaching all real and psychological disturbances with the same fight or flight response.

For instance, if someone insults us or cuts us off in traffic, the ego kicks in and feels threatened. The key is to see that we are not our ego, that it’s just part of our invented self. By impartially observing it as it gets triggered, we can start to put some space between us and it. The more space, the less pull it has over us.

Pretty soon the ego begins to feel like a spoiled child who is always whining and complaining because it wants what it wants when it wants it. The ego’s mantra is, “Me, me, me!” Rather than identifying with it an getting angry, we can begin to love ‘the child within,’ and assure it that it’s safe.

Becoming self-aware doesn’t mean we should disregard or try to eliminate living from our physical self that at this moment we regard as being who we are, for with all its thoughts and quirks, it is absolutely necessary for our experience of life on Earth.

By fully accepting ourselves exactly as we are, we literally begin to lighten up, clearly understanding the reason we are here and seeing that by not taking our ego so seriously, we begin to enjoy our physical journey. Again, no need to get rid of the ego… clearly seeing that it’s not who we truly are is enough…

Dan’s Quote: “With self-awareness the ego can be our friend.
_____________Without self-awareness it can be our foe”


Header: Early morning start for the great Australian Outback cattle muster.

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