The Media Hype

Glasshouse Mountains

ACCORDING TO MASS MEDIA’S reporting of world events, it would appear that we all could be heading towards ruination and possible extinction. If you limit yourself to mainstream media to keep up to date with world events, this might well be your assumption.

Because Mass Media is geared for financial gain, the news reports, both national and international are mostly dramatic and negative (war, terror, murder etc). The media is continually broadcasting dire warnings to keep us all in a global state of terror…. and to bolster their ever-increasing profit margins.

Positive events that are also occurring every day are largely ignored or deemed not newsworthy (there’s no money in good news). So, our minds are directed towards the badness of the world instead of the goodness.

This was not the situation before television, the internet and social media. Then we were largely isolated from the goings on in the outside world. The news revolved predominately around events occurring in the local area. World news came sporadically via often scratchy wireless reception and newspapers.

That was okay in those days for mentally, we would not have been equipped to handle the information overload that is bombarding us today. If you look at it from an evolutionary point of view, it was a time of learning the ropes so to speak, readying us for the quantum leap in consciousness that we now face.

Today our evolving consciousness is causing many corporations to go into panic mode as they attempt to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. We are no longer blind to their deceptive practices and sly moneymaking schemes. We want to know how products are manufactured and where our food comes from.

Believing what the media tells us, we would never know that humanity really is on the up. We’re stronger and more discerning. We are evolving into more enlightened beings. Society’s constraints bound by fear are losing their grip. Rising optimism and the forces of evolution are taking over.

We’re beginning to get savvy. We are emerging as more independent and aware human beings, where we first look within for answers and then to one another to collaborate. Our history books are filled with such celebrated people who were way ahead of their time. Now it’s our turn…

Dan’s #Quote: “Letting your life to be taken over by another person
_______________is like letting the waiter eat your dinner.”


The idea for this post came from ‘5 Signs 2016 Is The Year Of Consciousness
Header: The Glass House Mountains Sunshine Coast hinterland Queensland, Australia.

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