The Rebel Within

Broome Camel Safaris in Australia's North West,
THE CLOSER WE GET to solving mankind’s behavioral problems, the more dysfunctional we become, as can be witnessed by the upheavals in the world today. What is happening is our collective human ego is rebelling against its imminent demise as the master of our minds.

Because we are under the illusion that we are the ego, there is a part of us that does not want to change, that wants to remain as we are, for violence gives us a strange, perverted sense of power and protection. The reason for this is our mind is still rooted in the past… in a primeval mental prison.

We are unable to rise above this sense of vulnerability so are constantly on guard against attack, because in earlier times mankind was threatened by the primitive world around them in their race for survival. This is not now the case, but because our mind has not evolved to compensate, we remain defensive and ill at ease.

To not have that feeling of apprehension is more unsettling than the apprehension itself, for without it, we would feel naked, exposed and vulnerable. Why? Because our mind set remains locked in ‘fight or flight’ mode and we are too immature mentally to get ourselves out of it.

It’s a fact that even if we did have peace on earth right now it would make little difference, we would still remain defensive and somewhat on edge, ever ready to retaliate with anger or fright against any threat to our touchy ego.

But take heart, we are in the midst of a monumental event in the evolution of human consciousness, we are beginning to wake up, and our ego doesn’t like it at all. That is the root cause of all of mankind’s present dysfunctional behavior, cruelty and violence.

It is our collective human ego that is rebelling, for if our awakening minds are permitted to become consciously aware of its tyranny and how much it is holding us back, the ego will lose its domination, so it’s fighting back, stopping our true self from shining through…

Dan’s Quote: “The ego based shackles of anger, greed and pride
______________chain us to a life of pain, misery and ignorance.”


Header: Camel train at sunset on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.

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