An Imperfect World

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WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL BEINGS wrapped up in a dank, cumbersome body that we’ve chosen to inhabit for the duration of one lifetime. The physical body enclosing us, that we learn to call ‘Me’ feels strange and uncomfortable at first… but eventually we get used to it.

As time passes, we forget who we truly are as we settle down and accept our human existence and this world as being reality. But it isn’t, for while living in this world, we are separated from our true spiritual home, and because our memory has faded, we can no longer be certain that we will return to it, or if it even exists.

In this physical environment we must learn to cope with conditions that are harsh and unforgiving. We will experience intolerance, anger and sadness while searching for happiness, love and peace. We must try and not lose our integrity along the way by sacrificing our compassion and goodness for selfishness and spite.

We must learn to not take this life to seriously and realize that experiencing a lifetime in an imperfect world will allow us to fully appreciate the true meaning of perfection, which is our eternal inheritance.

We should laugh at ourselves and the foolish predicaments we get ourselves into, for this life is full of conflicts, struggles and pain… as well as happiness and love. So take heart and know that there’s an intelligent purpose behind it all, for experiencing the bad times as well as the good is the reason for us being here.

We are all sharing this life experience together. So you need to know that all you love, all you enjoy, all your pains and all your sorrows are also being felt by the Collective Human Consciousness’ which is adding immeasurably to the expansion and perfection of the ‘Physical Life Experience’.

So next time you suffer some misfortune, or even when you experience some joy, be aware that all your experiences are needed so you can learn to appreciate your true reality. You may think that this world is lonely, callous, hard and unfair… Oh if you only knew just how much your spirit desires such experiences…

Dan’s Quote:You are living imperfectly in an imperfect world
______________so as to fully appreciate your own perfection.”


This post was inspired in part by the writings of Michael Newton.
Header: Kangaroo gathering on the beach, ‘Mackay Queensland, Australia

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