Time And Again


WE THINK THIS LIFE IS IT! The familiar reflection we see in the mirror each morning that we identify with as being who we are. We are taught that we will eventually grow old then die and be no more. Some say there may be life after death, but they can’t be sure… nor we.

But this life is not it! We’ve lived countless previous lives, inhabited a multitude of different bodies while knowing ourselves by many different names. Each lifetime we’ve undergone an infinite variety of trials and tribulations as we struggled to learn how to survive, grow and prosper in this foreign, hostile world.

We are here to evolve and grow from our many ongoing life experiences, enabling us to advance to higher and higher levels of consciousness, compassion, unconditional love and understanding, whilst learning to avoid the pitfalls of anger, greed, selfishness and spite.

What we learn in each lifetime is carried over to the next, so our mental abilities, our aptitudes, our aversions and preferences, our fears and follies, our ambitions and our ever evolving character is the sum total of all that we have learned so far.

Also as we learn, there are subtle changes made in our aspirations, likes and dislikes, desires and dreams, joys and sorrows, our handicaps, strengths, weaknesses, virtues and vices and most importantly, our awakening comprehension of the truth.

Each life is a stepping stone on our journey to exactly where we are right now. Deep down inside there is a subtle understanding, an inner sense that we’ve done this countless times before, advancing to the next level once we have learned, or repeating life on the same level when we haven’t.

So what have you learnt so far in this lifetime? Do you feel confident that next time you’ll be worthy of advancing onward to a higher level, or do you have an uneasy feeling that you have failed to learn the lessons and may very well have to repeat class next lifetime?..

Dan’s Quote: “We are at all times the total of what we have ever been and done,
_____________what we have fought for and defended, what we have loved and hated.


Header: Party on the beach, Darwin Northern Territory, Australia.

About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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