An Impersonal View


WHEN THINGS GO WRONG we always tend to blame someone or something else for our troubles. Whenever this occurs, before we get angry or burst into tears, we need to stop for a moment, and although this may be difficult to do at the time, stand aside and look at what’s happening in an impersonal way.

It could be that we are confronted by an angry person or we have an accident, or we’re involved in a family squabble, or we’re just having a bad day. Usually when anything like this occurs we blame the angry person, the wife, husband, son, daughter, the other car, the weather or just plain dumb luck.

We believe that what happens to us comes from outside events that we have no control over. We think we have no option but to put up with life’s hiccups whether we like it or not. We live each day believing our happiness or sadness revolves entirely around random, individual, outside sources.

“Your peace of mind is much more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened to you the way it did. Just let it go and be happy, no matter what!”

None of us have control over life’s up and down emotional rollercoaster. But the secret is, we don’t have to. Be brave enough to just let life happen in any way it wants without calling it good or bad, which only makes us victims of circumstance. Stand aside and watch what happens without getting emotionally involved.

If we continue to attribute outside influences for our unhappiness… or our happiness for that matter… we are doomed to a life of chasing after wishes and dreams that we can never freely enjoy because we would be constantly fearing losing them. Life will continue to be full of false expectations and disappointments.

When things go wrong, you must turn your mind around and look in the other direction. You must stop looking out there and begin looking within yourself, for therein lies your everlasting happiness and the answers to all your suffering, regardless of what’s going on out there…

Dan’s Quote: “Look for the answer inside your question.”


Header: Rock formation, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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