Beating Yourself Up

WE’VE ALL BEEN SUBJECTED to some form of bullying in our life, especially during our childhood. But some of us continue to be bullied during our adult life too, particularly at work, but more so at home (domestic violence) even though by this time we have grown to accept it as an unfortunate part of life.

 A bully is a person who is so overwhelmed with self loathing that,
being gutless and egocentric, take their self hatred out on innocent others.

Even though being bullied by others is bad enough, it pales in comparison to the bullying we regularly inflict upon ourselves. Whether we’re being critical of our looks, our life choices, our lack of achievement, or the many other imagined sins, mistakes and misgivings that we constantly blame ourselves for.

Most of us seem to be addicted to mentally berating ourselves. It’s not that we consciously enjoy making ourselves feel bad… in most cases it has simply become second nature. And that’s what makes it so scary. Life inherently has enough challenges, so why would we want to place even more hardship upon ourselves?

One of the greatest contributors to self torment is our lack of self-love and respect. We have no problem showing our love and respect for others… but rarely, if ever, do we take the time to feel the same way about ourselves. Self bullying is a mental pandemic… and yes, we are our own worst enemy.

“There’s more than one sort of prison. Most of us carry ours wherever we go.”

All of the things you do and say to show your love for others, you need to start doing and saying quietly to yourself. This will not only improve the love you hold for yourself, but will also make life that much more enjoyable.

It makes a lot more sense to be your own best friend. After all, you are going to spend the rest of your life with yourself… every minute of every day…

Dan’s Quote: “Be your own best friend and you will have a friend for life.”

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Header picture: The Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.

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