Changing Faces


ARE THERE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE that you were once close to but now are basically nothing more than strangers? Maybe you don’t know exactly what happened. You just seemed to have drifted apart and although there’s no bad blood, you just don’t connect anymore.

We all have friends we can’t imagine not being close to. We love them, they bond and connect so well with us. Like peas in a pod they are there for us and we are there for them. Then one day, we realize that they simply aren’t a big part of our life anymore.

You don’t know whether somehow it’s your fault. Maybe you feel guilty that you didn’t reach out enough or that you may have said or did something wrong. But the truth is, if you don’t really know why, it’s probably because your lives have changed and you simply don’t have the same interests as you did before.

There’s nothing wrong with having close friends in our life only to find one day our lives have changed. We have to respect where each other’s life journeys are going. We can’t judge one another for our choices in life or because we feel inspired to do something else.

So often we talk down our ‘ex-friends’ as if they didn’t value our friendship, but is it really about value, or is it simply because the friendship was once there and now it’s not? Is it possible that we can play roles in each other’s lives for a period of time and then we move on?

We are beings of change. Who we are one day can be different the next and sometimes that means that we have moved onto a new path in life. This can lead us to new people and ultimately to new best friends.

If you ever feel guilty or bad about how your relationships have changed with close friends of your past, don’t. It’s normal, it happens to us all. It’s simply not an essential part of your life’s journey to be that close to them anymore…

Dan’s Quote: “Best friends can become strangers just as easily
______________as strangers can become best friends.”


This post inspired by:  ‘Why do our best friends become strangers?

Header: A camel train on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.

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