Unravelling Our True Purpose


IT’S TIME FOR US TO ADVANCE to the next level, for we cannot continue on as we are in a state of blind ignorance. We must learn to understand ourselves and what our true purpose is, even if it is only an intellectual understanding for a start. We can progress from there, for humanity is on the brink of major change.

We must mentally stand aside and observe ourselves and the way our present mind determines what the world is like. For instance, if we believe the world is a scary place to live, one that’s full of violence and death, then that is the world we will see.

If we believe that the threat of terrorism and war is hanging over us then that is the world we will experience. If we believe in thieves, rapists and murderers, then that is the world that will surround us. And if we believe in sickness, sadness and desperation, then our world will reflect that.

What sort of world are you seeing? Are you surrounded by violence, suffering and sickness? Or is it restricted mainly to what you see and hear in the media? Even if that is so and you are not directly affected, you will still suffer inwardly from the world you believe is real.

What if you truly believed the world is full of love and compassion?
What if you truly believed that there is good in all people and that freedom, peace and joy
abounds everywhere? What sort of world would you then see?

The world you are witnessing and interacting with at this very moment comes from inside of you, made up from your belief system which merely reflects what you have determined to be real… the dominant beliefs, ideas, wishes and emotions in your mind.

It is not real! It is only your idea of the world projected outward to give you the illusion of reality. We must look within our own minds, for the solutions to all of man’s woes lies right there. With self awareness, we can change our world for the better…

Dan’s Quote: “Before we can solve the riddle of life,
_____________we must first solve the riddle of ourselves.”


Header: Adelaide Botanic Garden is bursting with beautiful colour.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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