Looking In The Wrong Place


WE MUST BE COMPLETELY HONEST WITH OURSELVES and admit that all our attempts to rid the world of cruelty, greed, violence, terrorism, physical and sexual abuse, has done absolutely nothing to alleviate those problems. Why? Because we are looking in the wrong place.

We believe our problems lie with other people. They are the cruel, violent, abusive ones not us. But the truth is, we are all US! If we can see any negativity at all out there in the world, then we must have that same negativity within us, otherwise we wouldn’t identify with it.

The world will never be better until we are for the perception we have of the world that we hold within our minds we project outward as the world we see outside. We must look inside our own minds not ‘out there’, for that’s where our problems and the problems of the world lie.

Mantra: “I am willing to exchange the world I now see
for a world that I can both love and understand.”

We need to understand that the world we see comes from within, and within us there is something that is trying to tell us that. If we fail to take heed of that inner voice, we risk extinction and that would be a shame, for we as a species have put in a lot of great effort and done a lot of things right, as well as wrong.

We are truly destined for something very special. A place in the universe that is reserved just for us, BUT WE HAVE TO EARN IT! In the past there was no great need, for we had other more basic things to learn, like how to survive, but not now. For us as human beings, the time has come. Now is the time of reckoning.

We are privileged to have been given this gift of life, so why waste it? We, as the most intelligent creature on this planet have an obligation. We need to take heed and prepare for we are destined to play a vital role in the ever unfolding story of the universe…

Dan’s Quote: “The world we see merely reflects our own internal frame of reference…
______________the dominant ideas, wishes and emotions in our minds.”


Note: The mantra and quote in this post came from ACIM  A Course In Miracles

Header: An emblem of Australia the kangaroo watching an Australian sunrise.

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