The Blame Game


STOP BLAMING OTHERS when things go wrong in your life. Other people have nothing to do with it. They are only players acting out their role in your life story. You have planned it all. You have cast them there as both friend and antagonist. So don’t pass the buck onto someone else.

How people and circumstances affect your life has been orchestrated by you. All the pain, all the suffering, all the fear and rejection in your life has been purposely placed there by you, no one else. There are lessons to learn…and when learnt, your suffering will stop.

Before birth some souls may have decided to be born into war zones, or live in poverty, or live a life of sickness and pain. Then there are some like you and I who don’t seem to suffer all that much, but underneath our comfortable lifestyles we still suffer.

All of us, no matter where and how we live suffer constantly with the fear of rejection, of being hurt either physically or mentally, of the loss of our possessions, of our loved ones, or a worsening of our financial situation, and always there’s the ever present fear of death.

We human beings are primarily motivated by a love/fear relationship with life. These two extremes influence every aspect of our daily existence. Fear sits at the lower end of the spectrum while love sits at the upper end. We always have the choice as to where we sit.

Our suffering teaches us the need for unconditional love, compassion, understanding and tolerance for everyone and everything, no matter what the circumstances are in our life, and that will take courage, determination, self acceptance and self awareness.

Even though we planned our life before birth, we always have the opportunity to change our life for the better. It’s up to us. The world we see can either be a happy and fearless one… or a sad and fearful one. Which world are you choosing to see?..

Dan’s Quote: “Why pay so much attention to the sorrow in your life?
______________Because by experiencing sorrow you can appreciate joy.”


Header: Watching the sunset at Nitmiluk Gorge
in the Northern Territory – Australia’s Outback.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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