Which One Should I Choose?

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YOU WOULD THINK THAT ONE GOOD THING about becoming more consciously aware of yourself and your interactions with life would be to have more choices. “AH! That’s great, you might say, now that I am living life more in tune with who I truly am, I can now choose what I do.”

But is having more choices really a good thing? Does it help us or is it just another sly ploy to keep us ensnared in a materialistic, egotistical world? The very need to choose means that there are alternatives… Which one should I choose? The right one or the left one? This one or that one?

If we look at choice with an awakened mind we will see that in the very act of choosing there is doubt and confusion… there has to be. ‘Which one should I choose’ is a conflicting statement. The conflict arises at the moment we choose and continues on because we can never be certain if choosing the alternative would have been better.

The necessity to choose brings about an inner dilemma, a decision needs to be made, even between two good alternatives, it makes no difference. Doubt is always one of the results of choice and with doubt in our mind, a peaceful and joyful life is impossible. We will always be wondering if we chose correctly.

It must be stressed that there is nothing wrong with having a choice. It’s part and parcel of our living in a physical world. The trick is to become consciously aware of our constant choosing. We make thousands of choices every day but can remember very few because we are doing it unconsciously.

To try and stop choosing is just as bad for us, for then we are choosing not to choose, it’s the same vicious circle. Allow choice to be there in your life if it wants, but make sure you are consciously aware of the fact each and every time you choose something…

Dan’s Quote: “It takes conscious choices by conscious minds to make reality appear real.”


Reading The Passionate Mind by Joel Kramer inspired this post.

Header picture: The Sydney Opera House, New South Wale, Australia.

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