Breaking Free Of The Dark

Cradle Mountain

WE ARE MOSTLY UNAWARE of what is going on with our lives, and this unconsciousness keeps us imprisoned in the dark shadows of ignorance. But have no fear, there is a way out. The door to our self imposed prison is ajar, we only need the courage and trust to walk out into the light.

Our physical selves are the conduits through which Universal Intelligence engages in creation. We are creating right now you and I, for that is the reason we are here in the physical world, the problem for us is, we are unaware of the fact.

Because our participation is unconscious, we are missing out on the fun of creation. All is not lost though, the Universe is patiently waiting for us to become conscious, for it is destined that we will awaken. How long that takes depends on how enthusiastic and determined we are to succeed.

Also, it is of the utmost importance that we let go of the fear that we will cease to exist if we challenge our present outlook and instead have trust that in reality we are fundamentally okay.

Breaking free does not take brainpower or the intellect. All we need to do is question everything, especially our long held beliefs. We have the ability, each and every one of us. All that’s required is the courage to leap into the unknown.

We must understand that the egocentric self that we believe ourselves to be is not something precious that we need to cling too, in fact it’s important for us to be free of it. That realization is our salvation, but we must first have the courage to challenge our present beliefs.

There is a saying, ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn.’ We are all in the dark shadow of unconsciousness right now. That is not something to fear for the simple awareness of that fact is positive proof that we are breaking free from the shadows and advancing towards the light of consciousness…

Dan’s Quote: “You are presently not conscious of your consciousness.
_____________The solution is to become aware that you are not aware.”


Header picture: ‘Cradle MountainTasmania, Australia

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  1. Diving into the unknown and accepting uncertainty have been huge for me! Thanks for the post!

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