We Are One But We Are Many


WE REGARD OURSELVES AS A SINGLE ENTITY. We have a name, body and mind that we take as being who we are. We have a sense of self, a perception that we are an individual amongst many others that are similar and yet separate from ourselves… but this is not entirely true!

Did you know that you are in fact much more than the one single human being that you regard yourself to be? You are in reality, a cooperative community of approximately 50 trillion single-celled citizens.

Almost all of the cells that make up your physical body are tiny amoeba-like individual organisms that have evolved a cooperative strategy for their (your) mutual survival. Each cell has a purpose… an intelligent role aiding in the upkeep and wellbeing of your body as a whole that it performs to the best of its ability.

Reduced to basic terms, human beings are simply the consequence of a ‘collective cellular consciousness.’ Once a cell gets damaged or becomes too old for the job that is require of it, it is copied and replaced. The copy then continues to perform the given tasks that aids in the ongoing survival of the whole organism.

As we age, our cells that have been copied countless times begin to take on flaws… like a photo or document that has been copied many times in a photo-copier. On a declining scale, each cell that is further copied is not quite as well reproduced as the one preceding it. Thus with time our body slowly grows old.

By understanding that we are a combination of the efforts of trillions of individual intelligent cells hell bent on doing the very best they possibly can, allows us with insight, to collaborate with that band of cells by becoming more positively aware of the multitudinous community that is involved in our wellbeing.

You are the captain of your ship with 50 trillion crew members. Your life is a combined effort between you and your devoted crew. Listen to them, they want you to succeed. Have trust in them and yourself, you are not a victim of life, you are master of your own destiny…

Dan’s Quote: “Every single thing that has ever happened in your life
_____________is preparing you for a moment yet to come.”


 This post inspired in part from a book by: Dr. Bruce H Lipton.

Header picture: ‘Kakadu National Park’ Northern Territory, Australia.

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