Trust Your Gut Feeling

Jumping for joy on Fraser Island

WE HAVE A TENDENCY TO MAKE RASH JUDGMENTS and label our life circumstances as either “good” or “bad.” We do it especially when we’re struggling to make sense of a tragedy or hardship, or when we have to let go of the wish for something to turn out the way we would have liked.

We do it because we desperately want some control over our lives. And when we stuff it up, how many times have we kicked ourselves for not following our inner voice, or just trusting our gut feeling? How many times have we said to ourselves “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!?”

We’re desperately trying to control the events that are happening in our lives, especially the ones we have no say in… and when we fail, it only leaves us feeling more frustrated and powerless.

Never hesitate to let regret over anything rise to the surface of your
mind, where you can study it and so end the senseless pain.”

And then there are those people who just seem to have it all figured out. Life seems to flow more naturally for them. Yes, they can be aggravating for those of us who don’t always see the world quite so clearly. There is one major difference that separates them from everyone else.

The difference is ‘Trust’. They have trust in themselves. An inner knowing that they have no need to meddle with the events in their life. That the more they interfere, the more they become a hindrance in the natural unfolding of life’s journey.

So then if it isn’t always easy for us to maintain our sense of peace, purpose, meaning, and joy when life is going smoothly, how do we remain at ease in our toughest, darkest moments?

We can begin by trusting in ourselves and our own gut feeling, that’s how! Then we may find our life aligning itself with our greater good and the experiences we need to find fulfillment…

Dan’s Quote: “Life is like eating oranges, we can’t appreciate their sweetness…
_____________Unless we suck the occasional lemon.”


This post inspired by articles by LJ Vanier and Deepak Chopra

Header picture: Jumping for joy on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia.

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