A Story To Tell


BEFORE YOU WERE BORN, you decided on a basic life agenda that included situations you haven’t as yet experienced in your many previous lifetimes and repeating the ones you failed to learn. The reason your agenda is not set in stone is because you have free will, therefore your fate is never sealed.

That wouldn’t be fair. Life always gives us chances. This lifetime is one of them. Between our birth and our death we have a life to experience, a story to tell, lessons to be learned, and when it is finished… it will be time to return home and rest for awhile.

It’s an epic quest, with every conceivable contrast, including love, joy and laughter mixed in with hopefully not too much pain, heartache, sadness and loss (that will depend on what we are here to learn)… but that’s what makes this life journey so worth living.

There is a yearning within everyone of us. A deep-seated sense of purpose that we don’t quite understand, but it’s there lurking in the back of our mind. When we finally know what it is, we’ll become an unstoppable force. Absolutely nothing can stand between us and the manifestation of our ultimate destiny.

How do we reveal our life’s purpose? Well, we have to uncover that for ourselves. It differs from person to person. Your life’s purpose isn’t static either. It may very well change and evolve throughout the course of your life, depending on your varied experiences and what you’ve learned or not learned.

While you are experiencing life as a human being, your focus is exclusively on the physical. You have a purpose… a job to do. You were born into this world explicitly to experience and learn all about what it’s like to be uniquely you… the person you call ‘Me’…

Dan’s Quote: “You are here to conquer the negative elements of being physical.
_____________You are inspired to improve, to learn… life after life after life.


Inspiration for this post came partly from reading  ‘Stephen Parato’s blog.
Header picture: Wave Rock. Hyden, Western Australia

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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