The Symphony Of Life


LIKE THE NOTES IN A ORCHESTRAL PIECE, we are all connected. You, I, nature and everything else in the universe is all part of the one grand symphony of life. Being unaware of this, we unfortunately sometimes see ourselves above and separate from the natural world… and herein lies our problem.

Until we understand this, we will always be in discord. We will be out of tune and separate from others and the natural world around us. By becoming aware of the connection between all things we have the opportunity to awaken to the realities that exist beyond our present, limited degree of understanding.

All things have been created in accordance with the One Universal Law. From one seed a giant tree grows that can produce fruit in abundance. From the fruit produced other seeds are born. This cycle of abundance is continuous. Because of the Oneness of nature it is also reliant upon co-operation.

Without the bee, other insects and birds to pollinate the flowers; the tree will not bear fruit. Likewise, to enable us and all life to procreate requires the participation of two opposing sexes of the same species. Everything is intricately connected in a wonderful, synchronistic symphony of life.

Nature is our grandest teacher yet for many it is merely a resource to be used and exploited for mankind’s own selfish purposes. We are at one with everything in the universe. Only by experiencing nature can we experience our own true natural and spiritual state of being.

Nature allows us to experience states of freedom and take us to places of beauty, serenity and awe. A sunset over the ocean, the silence and beauty of falling snow, the rustle of leaves in a forest are experiences that are uplifting to the heart and soul.

Why? It reminds us of our true nature, that of ‘Oneness with all that is’. When we experience nature we experience a harmonious stillness that is in essence the divine state of nature… and our divine state of being…

Dan’s Quote:– “One of the purposes of understanding a higher truth
______________is to make us feel something we did not feel before.”

This post was inspired by an article in Oneness Publishing by Andrew Martin
Header: The Glass House Mountains Sunshine Coast hinterland Queensland, Australia.


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