The Special YOU


IN TRUTH THERE IS NO SEPARATION, NO ‘OTHER’. Like the one diamond has many facets, in essence we are all facets of the One Joyful Spirit who is enthusiastically and eagerly learning what life is all about. To do this we are playing a game of hide and seek with ourselves.

We are hiding from our true eternal nature whilst at the same time, seeking to find out who we truly are. It makes for a wonderfully exciting game. Our true purpose here is to experience and explore all the possibilities of existence and expand our understanding of self.

We dreamed up this game of life as an experiment. We created an illusion that we were separate from our Divine Source, to feel what it would be like, to see what it could teach us, and to experience the exhilaration of awakening within the dream.

“Everything you experience is a gift. How could you learn forgiveness without deception?
How could you fully appreciate love without hate, courage without fear?”

Because in reality there is only One, all you have ever loved and enjoyed doing, and conversely, all of the pains and heartache that you have ever suffered, is being felt and experienced not only by you, but also by the Collective Consciousness of the Universe.

We are all vessels assisting in the advancement and evolution of life in this Universe through which life as a whole continues to magically manifest, expand, develop and evolve. We are all part of something most magnificent. So don’t feel apprehensive, everything is really okay, it all has a happy ending.

Your particular life experience plays a unique and vital role in the whole process. Don’t underestimate yourself. If not for you all this would not be possible. You came into this life for an intelligent purpose and that was to learn, whilst aiding and expanding the understanding of Universal Consciousness…

Dan’s Quote: “You are a child of the universe. Your time here on Earth
_____________is only a temporary learning experience.”


Inspiration for this post came from ‘Collective Evolution’ ‘Abraham’ and others.
Header: The Glass House Mountains Sunshine Coast hinterland Queensland, Australia.

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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