All Under Control

Charlottes Pass

ALL OUR WARS AND HOSTILITY towards each other is over mankind’s determination that we must all be the same, for to be different is regarded as strange and sometimes even dangerous. But because we are born and raised to obey authority, we are restrained in our efforts to change this vacuous mentality.

 Like robots, we are programmed by our societies, our governments, our religious institutions, and by our own subservient nature to conform, which makes us safer, thus easier to control. This unconscious compulsion is handed down to us from generation to generation.

We are brainwashed from an early age in our schools and like a genetic disease, these mental, emotional patterns are also inherited from our parents, patterns that were handed down to them from their parents… thus we then automatically pass it on to our children and so on to the next generation.

With autocratic pomposity, government political parties worldwide blindly insist that they are the only party to follow. And each of the world’s many religions proclaims that it is the only religion to believe in… which by the way, is at the heart of all religious wars that persist to this day.

The pressure to conform is the major cause of the escalating violence being perpetrated in the world today, which is causing us enormous grief. Terrorism is a prime example with their bloody minded attempts to try and force us all to conform to their particular beliefs and ideology to make us the same as them.

Our efforts to overcome this compulsion is exacerbated by our ignorance of the fact that we are complying. But if we can become more conscious of how blindly we do follow the dictates set down by our societies, our institutions and our own inbred mindset, then we will at least we have a chance of changing our subservient mentality.

Simply being aware that we are not aware, that we are unconsciously complying with the dictates of an autocratic system of mind control weakens the pull towards conformity, allowing us a tantalizing glimpse of the freedom it is to be our true selves, which after all is our inalienable right…

Dan’s #Quote: “We spend too much of our lives doing and being what  
_______________other people want instead of being true to ourselves.”


Header: Morning elation, ‘Charlotte Pass’, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia.

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