We Need Badness Too

Charlottes Pass

WHEN WE ARE BORN INTO THIS WORLD we choose not to remember our True Selves or the true nature of reality. Why? Well, if we retained the knowledge of our True Selves after physical birth there would be no challenge, no thrill or satisfaction in being here.

Therefore, to have physical-life experiences where we overcome adversity and benefit from experience, we first have to forget that we are infinite beings. After all, there’s no point to being here without challenges, opposition, purpose and promises of fulfilment.

We all want love, joy and peace but without contrast, we would really have no conceptual understanding of those attributes. Without fear or hate, love has no meaning and without sadness or grief, joy remains abstract.

As there is a need to experience contrast in our life, whatever we choose to experience, we must first experience its opposite. For example, to know worth, we must experience unworthiness, to know freedom, we must experience entrapment, to know empowerment, we must overcome powerlessness.

We need an appropriate stage and supporting cast which includes one’s family, friends and foes. The parts we choose to play require counter-parts; for instance, the part of the hero requires people to save and the part of the healer requires sick people to heal. Just as others agree to play parts for us, we agree to play parts for them.  

Additionally, to recognize and rise above human limitations, and evolve accordingly, we need challenges to overcome, thus we also require others to play the part of bad people. “Play” is the optimum word because if we are all just playing a game, there can be no bad guys or victims.

Inside every bad guy is a good guy pretending to be bad, and without some of us playing bad guys, we couldn’t play the game of life at all. Not only that; without the bad guys demonstrating darkness and fear, we might stay complacent and never benefit from life nor evolve.

Keep in mind that no matter the physical or emotional dangers of being human, there’s no risk to us because when our life is over we always wake-up as our True Eternal Selves… completely unharmed…

Dan’s Quote: “Be thankful for wrong relationships.
_____________They teach you, change you and strengthen you.”


Inspiration for this post came from an article in Wake Up World by Nancy Ellis.

Header: Morning elation, ‘Charlotte Pass’, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia.

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