An Intriguing Possibility

A beautiful winters day in Brisbane

WE KNOW THAT WE ARE PHYSICAL BEINGS. After all we have a physical body that we can see and touch and we have a symbiotic relationship with the physical world that surrounds us. Most of us are content with that and spend our whole lifetime in the pursuit of physical endeavours, pleasures and experiences.

But there are some of us who sense that we are much more than that… That we are also spiritual beings, indiscernible by our physical senses, and we are so intrigued by that possibility, that we are trying to discover if that is who we really are.

Mankind has attempted to understand and explain our spirituality from time immemorial. Philosophers, Sages and religious scholars from every denomination have tried, but all have failed miserably… because we are using our every day physical mind in an attempt to understand something that is not physical.

This causes us a great deal of mental confusion, but we keep doggedly searching because there seems be an urgency deep within us, an inner sense, a deep yearning, a faded memory that that is our true nature.

  You don’t have to stop being human when you awaken to your spirituality.
You don’t have to give up your life and live in a cave in order to be enlightened.

Some hypocrites think they know and even preach to us that they know, but they don’t, they only delude themselves and us, doing more harm than good. As a result of their ignorance, a lot of miss-information has accumulated over time, burying the truth beneath a morass of superstition and belief.

That’s the dilemma we face when trying to understand our spiritual roots. We are trying to understand something that can never be fully understood using our present mental capacity, which is orientated towards a physical reality. Trying to understand our spirituality using our everyday mind is impossible.

We must look at it in a new way… not by ‘thinking’ about it, but simply by allowing ourselves to be open to the intriguing possibility that we just might be more than we ‘think we are’… then we will realize an amazing fact. ‘We don’t have to understand it at all, we only have to want to’…

Dan’s Quote: “The real purpose of life is to develop inwardly,
______________to experience deep spiritual transformation.”


Header: A beautiful winters day in Brisbane Capitol City of Queensland, Australia.

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