A Matter Of Self-Acceptance

Kangaroo Island1

EVERY RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. If we have a good relationship well and good, but if beneath the persona we show to the world we have issues with self acceptance… Well, we’ve got a problem.

We need to observe what’s going on within our mind while not identifying with the negative mental bombardment of self recriminations and self doubt. If we can do that, we will become more comfortable with ourselves and with the relationships we have with others and the world in which we live.

“How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves”~Paulo Coehlo

When we feel uncomfortable with who we are, we project onto others what we cannot accept in ourselves. Each time we lash out at someone, whether it is behind their back or to their face, we are meeting head on, the negative self judgment we unconsciously inflict upon ourselves.

Tongue lashing someone with crude remarks is a sure sign that we’re not comfortable with who we are. When we judge others, not only do we compare them to what we think about ourselves, we unknowingly hurt those others, especially our loved ones.

Subliminally, we are seeking attention and validation for what we feel is missing within ourselves. There is an emptiness within us that needs to be filled, but without the understanding to alleviate that emptiness, we search ‘out there’ for answers… or someone else to blame, when in reality, we are both the cause and the solution.

 Self doubt and dislike is evidence of a disconnection from who you truly are.

Doing anything that doesn’t serve our higher good causes mental and emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. We need to trust that with self knowledge and understanding, we can learn to love and unconditionally accept ourselves exactly as we are.

Separate yourself from identification with self doubt and self accusations and once you have, trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust that inner voice. Set the bar high, because whether you realize it or not, you are well worth it…

Dan’s Quote: “Whoever is content within themself is superior to a wealthy king.”


This post was inspired by an article by LJ Vanier.

Header: Rock formation on Kangaroo Island South Australia.

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