Beyond Belief


WE HUMANS HAVE A TENDENCY to ignore or disbelieve any new concept, especially concerning spirituality, that clashes with our ingrained belief system… and yet, there is a way to get past those self opinionated beliefs that make us think that we are ‘right’ about everything, and that is to ‘Transcend’ those beliefs.

Transcending does not mean to completely reject or totally destroy them, it means to go beyond them. The reason we have hung so tenaciously to our old beliefs is that we don’t want to reject them entirely. We have the false impression that we must either ‘totally’ accept them…or ‘totally’ reject them.

Yet that is not the only choice we have. With insight we can review the old and see what parts no longer work. By expanding on our old belief systems, we can make them work better. We can rejuvenate them by removing what no longer works for us in this day and age and adding what now does.

Completely rejecting our present beliefs would be to discredit so much
of what has been taught… and so much of what has been good.

 It would make the whole world seem ‘wrong’… it would make our ancestors ‘wrong’… it would make the entire holy scriptures ‘wrong’… It would make it seem that all of the spiritual beliefs of human history has been a mistake, a misunderstanding.

But there is no need to declare that we are wrong about our spiritual beliefs because we aren’t. We simply don’t have a complete understanding of them. We need more information. This goes for agnostics and atheists as well.

Humanity has learned a great deal about life and about our spiritual nature. As we accrue more information, adding to what we presently believe, we can enlarge on those beliefs, not completely reject them… and move on with our lives in a new way… a way that works.

By transcending our own spiritual beliefs not only do we raise our level of awareness but we can then fully accept the rights of all humanity, no matter what race, colour or creed to determine their own spiritual path without the need for condemnation or vilification. The question is whether we are ready to do that?..

Dan’s Quote: “By transcending the old patterns of your mind
______________you release the stale and accept the fresh.”


The idea for my post last week came from the Weekly Bulletin’ by ‘Neale Donald Walsch’.
This post is my interpretation of the last half of that story from Neale.
Header: ‘Freycinet National-Park’. Tasmania, Australia.~ By Charly W Karl

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