Human Failings


WE’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG! We keep trying to solve the world’s problem as if it were a political, or an economic, or even a military problem, but it’s none of these. It’s a spiritual problem and that is one problem we humans don’t seem to know how to solve.

The Bible, the Koran and other holy books have been misread. That is mankind’s major failing. We have not heeded the deeper message of these books. We have read them, preached about them, debated them, fought over them, even killed for them, but never really understood them.

Our misunderstanding has given us the false authority to mistreat others the terrible way we have done in the past and continue to do so today in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Believe in ‘my’ spiritual beliefs or I will label you an infidel or terrorist…
…or maybe even kill you.

The basic message of all sacred scripture is the same. What is different is how we are interpreting it. There is nothing wrong with having different interpretations, but what is wrong is alienating each other over these differences.

We need to let go of this tendency to ostracize others who interpret spirituality differently than what we do if we are ever going to have peace on earth.

To exacerbate the problem, we have yet another major failing. We will give up peace, harmony, safety, security, even our sanity for this one thing. And that thing is, ‘Being Right’.

The need to ‘Be Right’ means we are prejudiced. Everything we see or hear has to be first screened through our rigid, narrow minded judgmental system. This need to ‘Be Right’ then means that our interpretations are always corrupt and almost always wrong.

Our spiritual problem cannot be rectified by ‘Doing’ something, but by ‘Understanding’ something. This problem is ‘Unconscious’. Most human beings are not even aware they have them… but now you do!

By becoming ‘Consciously Aware’ of our spiritual problem, we eliminate it, (awareness cannot abide unawareness) thus as a consequence we solve the world’s problem.

We end mankind’s mindless religious wars and persecution and open ourselves up to the Eternal Energy of Love and Compassion that is who we really are …

Dan’s Quote: “We have a strange compulsion to justify our occupation
______________of the small space that we inhabit here on this earth.”


The idea for this post came from reading the ‘Weekly Bulletin’ by ‘Neale Donald Walsch’.
Header picture: The majesticUluru, Central Australia

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