Are You A ‘Oneness’ Sceptic?


HOW CAN WE COMMUNICATE ONENESS to people who believe they are separate? It’s an interesting challenge with no simple answer. We talk about God being everywhere and in everything, but then we also talk about reaching out for God… but that’s a contradiction in terms.

How can you reach for something that’s already everywhere? You can’t! – ‘Reaching God’ is simply a shift in perspective – a realization of God’s omnipresence. The person that believes they are separate can never be told that God is everywhere and in everything and have them understand.

From the skeptic’s perspective, God is clearly not everywhere and in everything, so they certainly would never believe for a moment that they are God in physical form. They firmly believe they are different and separate from God, the world and others around them.

Beliefs operate solely from the viewpoint of separation, which means you cannot be told to believe something because you can never truly see from another’s perspective, that’s the flaw with religion which tries to make you believe in what they believe and that just keeps you in the illusion of separation.

You have to see from your own perspective to really understand. You have to realize and experience things for yourself, you can’t just passively believe what someone else is telling you. At least not if you want to truly experience the realization of Oneness and  that you’re part of the Whole.

Would the Whole really be whole if it was missing something? Believing you’re separate from God is kinda like your nose believing it’s separate from the rest of your body. Your nose could never function if it was separate, and the same is true of you and God.

So how can we shift our perception of separation back to the Reality of Oneness? Buddha said that ‘self’ is an illusion, but we usually use another term for the illusion of self, ‘ego’- It’s through releasing identification with the ego and the habitual mind, both of which were born out of the illusion of separation, that we move back to Oneness.

So simple, yet so impossibly difficult while ever we attempt to stop identifying with the ego/mind by using the same ego/mind to do so…

Dan’s Quote: “All of life’s challenges are signs of spiritual strength,
___________-__of your readiness to evolve even further.”


Source: The Galactic Free Press

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