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REMEMBERING the past was originally meant as a tool for survival, then later as an aid to ease the everyday running of a physical life, but sometime during man’s early evolution, this ability to remember seemed to acquire a mind of its own – an entity that we now call the ego. The ego does not really exist, rather it’s more of a mental disorder.

In reality it is our soul, or true self that has become absorbed and deluded by the past, resulting in us believing that we are this constant thinker in our head, this ego self that inhabits the now but lives in the past.

We can prove this if we really wanted to, we need only have the courage to stop thinking and become fully aware of the now, but could we be that brave? If we stopped thinking of the past, we would have no ego and while believing we are the ego, that would be a very difficult thing to do, for we would mistakenly believe it would mean the death of our self.

It won’t be, in fact it would be our liberation from a lifetime of tyranny, but we can’t find that out without taking that first step and once taken, there is no way back, we can’t change our mind half way. We can’t ever know for sure what will happen for we have never taken such a step before, and this ‘not knowing for sure’ causes all our fears and keeps us imprisoned in our deluded state of mind.

Walking out of our mental library and leaving our past behind means exactly the same as enlightenment, conscious awareness or awakening that spiritualists and philosophers write about. Once we are out of our thinking mind, the illusion of the ego is gone forever, but surprisingly, we will still be there, the library of our past then falls back to its original purpose as a ready reference put at our disposal.

We then resume doing what we were meant to do, experience what it’s like to be a human being and we do this best by living in the vibrant and ever renewing present moment…

Dan’s Quote: “A tyrant dominates in the darkness of ignorance,
______________To end our submission all we need do is turn on the light.”


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