The Library 8


WHAT EXACTLY does it mean to step out of the mental library and leave our past behind? It may sound a confusing and rather inane thing to try and do. But if that was the case, why is it made out to be such an important step in our personal growth, and why would taking that step be so hard for us to do?

Walking out of our library of the past means leaving ‘our self’ behind, or more precisely, the self we think we are. A self that we have grown very fond of and attached to since birth. Our mental library holds the story of us, who we have been over the course of our lifetime that, as the thinker between our ears, we continually tell ourselves in our mind.

This includes all of our wishful thinking about ourselves, what we want and don’t want and those very private thoughts that we keep to our self and would not dare tell another living soul about.

All are memories of who we once were, so when we think or talk about our self, we are really referring to the person we once were in the past, not to who we are now – and that includes our imagined future, which is only old memories of who we once were projected forward.

If we did let go of the past, we wouldn’t be able to take any of those memories with us, we wouldn’t be able to think or talk about our self at all for there would be no old us to think or talk about anymore.

Although being fearful of losing our identity if we did take that step, our body and name would go with us, but the difficulty is, we won’t be able to take our past with us, we must leave it behind.

Outside of our library – or we could say ‘outside of our habitual thinking mind’ – there is only the ever renewing present moment – and that would be terrifying for our ego self. Why? Because our ego self can never actually go there, for it would mean it’s end…

Dan’s Quote: There is really no one  to hang onto, no one to let go of…
______________Your realization of that fact is what letting go of your self is.”


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