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WHEN MAN was first created, he was given a memory. It was an essential component for the survival of the human species. Without it our race would have become extinct within a very short time. To help man survive in a then alien world, he needed to remember what happened in the past, both to him personally and to the species as a whole.

He needed to remember such things as what animals were dangerous and what were good to eat, what plants were nutritious and what were poisonous. He also needed to remember how to protect himself from the elements, how to light a fire to keep warm and how to stay cool when he got hot etc – etc.

In man’s early evolution, this learning phase of trial and error cost the lives of many of  his own kind who were unlucky enough to make the wrong choices, but because of their sacrifice and mans ability to remember, he learned from their mistakes, ensuring that the race of man as a whole, thrived.

This ability to remember is still essential for us today for we need to remember our language and how to communicate, we need to remember our name and the names of family and friends, where we live and countless other mundane everyday tasks that help us survive and function as a physical human being in a sometimes harsh and indifferent environment.

That’s what our mental library was originally created for. Our memory of the past was to be a ready reference to help us get through the day as a physical human being, we were meant to subconsciously scan the records ourselves when we needed to remember how to perform a certain task during our normal daily routine.

There was no one in charge of this memory bank, no librarian, apart from us ensuring our own physical wellbeing, we were meant to spend the greater  part of our human life experience, living in and fully experiencing the vibrant now moment…

Dan’s Quote: “Memory has a purpose; to remember the basics for survival
______________in the physical world. 
Not to dominate our life experience.”


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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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