An Inside Story 120

VIRTUAL REALITY 27 ~ a Soul’s Journey…


THE simulation used to demonstrate the negativity of racial persecution in this particular drama was a human named Adolf Hitler. Mankind may be abhorred by the cruelty and violence perpetrated by such a heinous villain, but on the Spiritual Plane, there is no blame, this soul was only playing a role for the purpose of learning as well as teaching.

This is incomprehensible to the habitual human mind – even though it is that very same mind that is the cause of crimes such as persecution. Other souls were also chosen to play the villain. In previous lives they had all been easily overcome and hoodwinked by Egor’s wily ways, thus failing to conquer such negativities.

Human simulations such as Göring, Goebbles, Himmler and Hess, would, like Hitler after physical death, all return to Hell (Earth) for quite a few more lifetimes until they learned what they must learn, for even while acting the part of villain, they always had the free will to change for the better, learning compassion for their fellow man instead of inhumanity.

This was part of Yahweh’s test for them – and as history shows – they all failed miserably. The future human life simulations that these souls would be involved in would be to experience persecution as the victim instead of perpetrator, so as to experience ‘the other side of the coin’ so to speak.

These repeat lives would continue for them until they learned to conquer their sadistic affinity for inhumanity and brutality, replacing those negative influences with natural acts of kindness and compassion. Once learnt, these souls would never have to experience such a negativity again.

As for the victims of persecution, although it is impossible for the human mind to understand, valuable lessons were presented to them during their life of trial and tribulation. It was up to each soul whether they learnt what was needed or not – if not, they, of their free will, would elect to be subjected to similar negative experiences in future lifetimes…

Dan’s Quote: “Persecution is a human failing that must be conquered and replaced
______________by loving compassion. This is one of the lesson we all must learn.”

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