An Inside Story 119

VIRTUAL REALITY 26 ~ a Soul’s Journey…


OCCASIONALLY, certain groups of souls needed to experience and conquer an extremely negative human life drama. In these instances, Yahweh would gather a collective together that had not been exposed to this type of experience before or had failed the lesson previously, then choose a teacher, the same way as he had chosen a soul to simulate the human Jesus.

All souls that had not experienced this particular human life drama before are invited to participate. It is completely voluntary of course but every soul must eventually experience and conquer all Physical Plane negativities extreme or not, if they want to advance along the pathway to enlightenment and to Yahweh.

There are many extreme negativities, but one that stands out in mankind’s modern history is the crime of racial persecution. There is no such classification as racial ethnicity on the Spiritual Plane, all souls are equally the same, so the  learning group only becomes classified by race or creed for the sake of the earthly lessons that these souls need to learn.

To fully experience persecution, Yahweh chose souls to portray a group that was known as the ‘Jewish people’ as the core nucleus, whose Physical Plane ancestry can be traced back to earlier human simulations of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the second millennium of the drama of mankind’s journey towards enlightenment.

For the teacher, Yahweh needed to elect a soul that had failed to conquer this type of negativity on many previous life occasions, making him eligible to portray the malevolent human figure that was needed. Unlike Jesus though, this time the doors of the human mind would be kept tightly shut, giving Egor almost complete control of the simulation.

To add to the drama, the chosen soul was instructed to urge Egor into even more tyrannical behaviour than normal, by infusing sadistic malice into the nature of Egor’s habitual stupidity.

Although the soul was chosen by Yahweh to act as the perpetrator in the negative life drama, the soul always had the free will to learn compassion for his fellow man instead of brutality, which would have change the course of human history…

Dan’s Quote: “Despots and dictators are not what they seem…
______________Their reign of tyranny serves a purpose we cannot comprehend.”

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