TIMELESSNESS is a concept we find difficult to comprehend. Everything for us takes time. From the span of a lifetime, to the length of a day, there is a space, a time interval between the beginning and the end. And yet in reality, there may well be no time or space at all. The universe and everything in it could all be contained within an infinite, timeless, spaceless moment.

Trying to imagine the span of time from the Big Bang to the present moment with all the myriad lifetimes of all the living creatures that have ever inhabited it existing within an Infinite Moment is unbelievably mind boggling. But there is a way we may be able to better understand the concept – and that’s by looking at a micro-chip.

Micro-technology is now used to run our world and every day we all access information on the internet for both business and pleasure without even thinking about it. So let’s compare the use of a micro-chip in relationship to the Infinite Moment.

If there were say 200 movie stored on a microprocessor that nowadays can be as small as an atom or molecule using nanotechnology, and each movie averaged say 3 hours in length, it would take us around 600 hours, or 25 days straight without a break to watch them all (and that’s without any commercials – HA!).

Each movie might be a story that spans a person’s lifetime or maybe many lifetimes and we would feel and experience that time element as we became more engrossed in the story – and yet the total length of time that is included in all those movies put together, fits on one teeny-weeny micro-chip.

Micro-chip technology is for us, quite understandable – and yet we can’t get our head around the concept that the seemingly infinitely large universe, with its entire history from go to whoa and all the matter it contains fits in a timeless, spaceless Infinite Moment.

Unlike the microchip, which has dimensions, even though they may be miniscule, an Infinite Moment would have no dimensions at all and take up no time or space, so in our three dimensional understanding of things, it would be impossible for it to exist –and yet, does it?…

Dan’s Quote: “The biggest mystery of all is that all this came from nothing.”


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