Two Worlds 12

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ALTHOUGH GOD WOULD NOT STEP IN and aid directly in man’s progress because of his gift of free will, he supplied us with plenty of helpful advice along the way. Many ancient texts have appeared over the duration of man’s existence including the Bible that was created by God as a helpful instruction manual to guide us through life.

The Bible contains many truths to aid our progress towards this end. The problem is that it has been so contaminated over time by early scribes that held personal prejudice’s and vendetta’s against anyone not of the same religious leanings, therefore subtlety changing the text to suit their own particular agenda and religious beliefs

Some sections of the text was either deleted completely or changed so dramatically owing to the scribe’s interference that the true message has been lost in antiquity, resulting in the Bible text being mostly clouded in myth and innuendo.

One set of instructions given to mankind by God was the Ten Commandments, which outwardly seem to be authentic moral instructions. But how many of those commandments were changed surreptitiously in some way by the self serving ancient scribes?

The first four commandments could well have been purposely altered in an attempt to force the population into submitting to the scribe’s bigoted and narrow religious beliefs. ‘You shall have no other God but me’ – ‘You shall not make any graven images’ – ‘You shall not take the Lord God’s name in vain’ – ‘Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy’.

In other words, do as our religion commands or else my angry God will not be pleased. The remaining six make good sense: ‘Honour your Mum and Dad’ – ‘Don’t kill’ – ‘Don’t commit adultery’ – ‘Don’t steal’ – ‘Don’t bear false witness’ – and – ‘Don’t covet your neighbour’s wife’. All are common sense guidelines for an upstanding life.

We are not threatened with the wrath of a vengeful God if we do other than what they command… instead the responsibility for following them and the consequences if we don’t falls directly on our own shoulders, regardless of what our religious beliefs might be.

And what are the consequences? To experience those same temptations again and again until we learn the lessons that they hold. Once learned, we move on, advancing along the pathway to conscious awareness and Oneness…

(Two Worlds 13)

Dan’s Quote: “You are spirit imagining what it would be like to be physical.”


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