Two Worlds 13

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ANOTHER IMPORTANT set of instructions given to man was ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’. These directions were harder for the scribes to distort into suiting their own prejudicial agendas, so they carry a lot more truth than the commandments.

These seven warnings hold true today, regardless of one’s religious beliefs. If we commit any of them, it could indeed prove to be deadly – to our evolutionary progress and quality of life anyway.

Let’s go through them and their opposites: Pride– Opposing virtue- Humility. Avarice/Greed– Opposing virtue- Generosity. Envy– Opposing virtue- Kindness. Wrath/Anger– Opposing virtue- Calmness. Lust– Opposing virtue- Chastity. Gluttony– Opposing virtue- Sharing. Sloth– Opposing virtue- Zeal. If we have the opposing virtue, we will live an upstanding life.

The most deadly sin of all is number two – Avarice/Greed. Have a think about it. Big companies like banks and governments are all consumed by greed. All are self-serving for the want of material acquisitions. As long as they can make a killing money-wise, they simply don’t care if people suffer because of their selfishness.

We amass great piles of paper and metal that we deem as being worth something,
with no consideration or compassion for the human element.

The second most deadly of these sins in today’s world is Pride. ‘My religion is the only true religion’.Your beliefs, whatever they are, if different from mine make you idiot, an infidel or a terrorist.’ ’Believe in what I believe or I might consider killing you’.

The current wars in the Middle East and elsewhere are either fuelled by religious bigotry or a greed for oil. (Another way of accumulating those pieces of metal and paper we call money) These have been the two main reasons that have sparked the anarchy in most of man’s ridiculous and senseless wars.

Included in this anarchy is the genocide being committed in some African countries at the moment as well as the past, where the greed of the arrogant few is for despotic dominance!

Long ago, God sent man a set of written guidelines to follow, (from many sources, not just the Bible) for a successful and inspiring life. The problem is that mankind has not fully heeded those wise words, therefore is suffering the consequences…

(Two Worlds 14)

Dan’s Quote: “People who make the human jungle the horror that it is
______________often pose as experts in escaping it.”


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