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Mind WorX – Relationships

MANY of us assume that only pleasing relationships are of any value, but that is not the case. Unpleasant relationships, whether with problem people or dramatic life events that we come across hold within them, important lessons we need to learn. Our awareness of an unwanted situation presents us with a clear indication that a different reaction may bring about a better result rather than the automatic, emotional response we habitually use.

We are given a choice to either take heed and learn from that unpleasant relationship, or by identifying with it, become lost in the emotional turmoil of the ego’s habitual mind. This means then,  that in our total physical experience, even those uncomfortable interactions, whether learnt or unlearnt form the basis of our ever expanding physical life experience.

People often believe that the benefits of interacting with others is mostly about combining talents and actions in order to accomplish the things that need to be done in a society, but our interaction is much more important than that.

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Mind WorX – Purpose

WE ARE individuations of Universal Self. Universal Self experiences life through our individual souls but that does not mean that we are the helpless pawns in all this. Through us, (our ego/body) the physical life experience is experienced. We are the learner of lessons. We are the appreciators of the winning of the struggles of physical life. We are responsible for the advancement of Universal Knowledge.

We are the ones who courageously follow the path forward into the unknown by standing on the leading edge of what has not been experienced before. Every person and every incident in which we interact with in our daily life adds to the person we are becoming. Not a single interaction is left out of the process of our becoming.

We are the ones delegated to experience physical life. We are the flag bearers that win the contests, that feel the positive/negative contrasts, that suffer and learn from life’s negative emotions. We are the ones that beat the odds and add variety and knowledge to the ever growing, ever expanding storehouse of Universal Experience.

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Mind WorX – Trouble

WHILE EVER we believe we are our name and body, we will regard our physical environment as troublesome. Even when our life is one of relative peace and contentment, we will still be on edge, ever wary and at the ready in case something comes along to stuff up our day or maybe even our whole life.

Our troubles are real only in the sense that we identify with them as being ‘mine’ and consequently, we are tormented by them, but they are not real in a higher sense. All those troubles are within our own mind not out there, so if we can realize that fact, we can learn how to escape from the confines of our habitual mind.

Once we stand aside and impartially watch how we handle day to day living and become consciously aware of the tidal wave of thoughts that race incessantly within our mind, we will realize that we are not this troubled person at all but rather, an observer, thus the troubles that bubble and seethe in the ego’s habitual mind no longer exist for us, though they will still exist for those that continue to be lost in the egos drama.

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Mind WorX – Struggle

EVERYONE of us, bar none, wants the sweet easy life, we want to enjoy wonderful experiences, pleasurable pastimes. Some of us want to feel the exhilarating bodily sensations of thrills and spills, sexual climax, the euphoria of ingesting narcotic substances or even tasty, ‘moreish’ food, but we are not here for that, we are here to learn.

We don’t want to struggle in our daily lives, but in reality, that is exactly what we are meant to do. That may sound terrible, a truth we do not want to hear, so we (the ego) try to avoid suffering caused by unpleasantness in life by daydreaming in the past in which we eagerly pursue pleasant experiences, a selfish pursuit that exacerbates the struggles and strife that is so much a part of our everyday physical life.

Our true self that is always there behind our eyeballs, quietly observing life, enjoys whatever comes along. The decision to enjoy or not enjoy life, to struggle or accept what is with a smile, depends entirely on which self we take as our reality. Every event, whether we label it good or bad is meant to be, adding to our true self’s total experience of physical life.

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Mind WorX – Boredom

UNIVERSAL Intelligence created the world for our enjoyment. If that be the case, how then is it that we can’t enjoy something without it being bad for our well being, body and heart? How is it that we have such strong desires to consume that tasty morsel or drink that intoxicating drink or inject that hallucinating drug, or get lost in the excitement of a riveting sport or entertainment etc?

The problem arises because we believe we are the habitual self – the ego body – so we mistakenly put the emphasis on ‘me’, ‘mine’ and ‘my body’ when we are thinking about enjoyment. We’re not really looking for enjoyment at all – we’re looking to satisfy a physical craving of the body. When we look outside ourselves for enjoyment (which is always the wrong place to look) and don’t find it, we become bored.

Boredom is the outer manifestation of our inner emptiness. The empty feeling is unconscious so we never say ‘I’m empty’ unless we mistake the empty feeling as hunger, which we often do when we overeat and as a consequence, put on weight. We usually explain away the empty feeling by saying ‘I’m bored’.

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