Two Worlds 18

two worlds

IN OUR SPIRITUAL HOME, the only way to experience a self of any kind is to dream of a world in which this is made possible. That dream is the three dimensional physical world that we experience in our human lives. It must be remembered that it is all an hallucination.

In reality all experience and learning is accomplished now. God’s ultimate plan is unfolding now, not yesterday, not tomorrow but now. In the spiritual world – in the absence of time – there is only now. The reason for our sense of time changing so much depending on our activity and age is our ego.

Time and the ego are both part and parcel of the dream of a physical world. Neither of them is real. The ego lives in time – the remembered past, the anticipated future. This is accomplished by thinking – in fact, the ego does not exist out of time or thought.

The ego cannot exist in the present moment, where there is no thought. That is why it is so hard to stop thinking. The ego does not want that, for it means its end, its death, and because we are under the delusion that we are our ego, we are fearful of our own death if we stop thinking.

When we go to the cinema, we usually decide beforehand what we would like to see, a movie that is maybe filled with lots of drama, romance or plenty of laughs. It could be scary, horrifying or one of suspense and human survival, depending on our choice. We then sit back comfortably in our seat with our popcorn and ice-cream and enjoy the show.

We may cry tears of joy or sadness, recoil in terror, or even roll about the aisle in hysterical laughter depending on the movie genre but we are always aware that it is only make believe. It’s just a movie. Unknowingly the exact same circumstances apply in our physical life experience.

It is filled with all those same emotions that make us laugh, cry, love, hate, scream, shout, etc. The only difference is, we are unaware that it is just fantasy, a dream, make believe. Our ‘life movie’ is no different than the movie in a theatre, except that we believe it is real…

 (Two Worlds 19)

Dan’s Quote: “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” 


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