Two Worlds 19

two worlds

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT that while watching a movie, we believed it was real, forgetting for the time that we have a normal everyday life outside the theatre. When we walk back out into the light after the show is over, we would suddenly realize it was just make believe.

With a sigh of relief we’d then exclaim Wow! Everything’s really okay. That wouldn’t happen though would it? We are not that silly! The ‘you’ that believes this world is real, is our ego. It is part and parcel of our body and the physical world

To the ego, this world is real, this is all there is. When our body comes to the end of the road, so does our ego. This world ends and so does its existence. Our ego can never know of the spiritual world. It can never visit, stay or settle, or even take a peak, it is out of bounds.

But not to our true self – our soul. We have temporarily forgotten who we really are, believing instead we are our ego, so as we can sit back and enjoy the contrasting thrill of suspense, drama, romance and comedy in our own life movie.

Before we take on a new physical life experience, we/our soul, chooses the script, for want of a better word, that will make up the story for the life movie we wish to experience. The script contains the lessons with their positive/negative contrasts our soul needs to learn on our journey towards full conscious awareness.

Physical life was meant to be enjoyable – unless we take it all too seriously of course.

Before our incarnation, we know the physical world and the human life form we are about to enter is only a dream, but we want to become fully involved so as to experience all aspects of that particular life journey.

So during, or shortly after physical birth, we purposely forget who we truly are, believing for the duration of the life term that we are this fictitious ego that has a body and a name…

(Two Worlds 20)

Dan’s Quote: “All the worldly wisdom was once the
_____________un-namable heresy of some wise man.”


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