Two Worlds 22

two worlds

WE ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE MISTAKES. There are no penalties except those self imposed. We are a much loved child of the universe. So, committing suicide, overdosing on drugs or any other means of avoiding life’s problems is not the answer. Then what is? What do we need to do to progress?

Learn the lessons that life gives us. Simple. Lessons such as Compassion for our fellow man and all of earth’s creatures – Love and respect – Kindness – Understanding – Care – Forgiveness of others as well as ourselves – Generosity etc. – Something inside of us knows them all.

When the going gets tough, change your life movie if necessary, move away from a place of violence or suffering if you are sick and tired of it, don’t turn to drastic measures like suicide or drugs.  Realize that it’s all happening for a purpose. Remember that whatever our situation, it is there to teach us something and if we look hard enough we’ll see that it’s not as bad as it first seems.

We want and need to learn, that’s an agreement we made as souls before we came here. One great thing about this physical world though is that there is a thing called time. Time passes and what is maybe quite painful and traumatic now is soon relegated to the past.

If a lesson is learned, it is learned forever, so go ahead, learn to be a loving human being.

There is a mantra in ‘A Course In Miracles’ that reads: “I am willing to exchange the world I now see for a world that I can love and understand.” This world is still an illusion, the same as the one we now see, but if we seriously want the world we see and experience to change for the better, some earnest inner work on ourselves is needed before we can achieve that aim.

Each one of us must be willing to learn to be honest, responsible and compassionate, within our heart, not outwardly for some kind of reward, before our world will change. Sounds like very old fashioned values and that is exactly what it is…

(Two Worlds 23)

Dan’s Quote: “Without the physical, where do you think you would be?
______________Exactly where you are right now!”


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