Two Worlds 21

two worlds

ANOTHER UNSATISFACTORY WAY to avoid facing the world and its necessary lessons is by over dosing on drugs, or committing suicide. Why? Because, once we leave our physical body and the physical world, we return home to the spiritual world and realize the inanity of such actions.

With the curtain of ignorance lifted from our mind, we remember everything, including why we chose that particular ‘life movie’ in the first place. We chose it prior to incarnation so as to learn the lessons that it held. To hide behind drugs or take our own life is to leave our ‘life movie’ before the lessons are learned.

It’s quite possible some of us have done this in many prior incarnations. If we have, each time we returned home to the spiritual world, we would have said to ourselves “Damn, why did I make that same mistake again.” Remember, the lessons are repeated until learned!

Our voluntary choice then would be to re-incarnate into a similar ‘life movie’ where those same lessons, that we needed and wanted to learn, would once again be presented to us in some way. If we cop out again, it will be repeated again and again, life after life until we learn what we need and want to learn.

We are doing all this ourselves. There is no angry God up there waiting to judge us or a devil down there waiting to stick a pitch fork into us. There’s only our self – It is our curriculum – We have made it all up.

Fulfilling God’s ultimate plan requires us to learn the lessons presented in each lifetime before we can proceed onto the next. There is no blame metered out if we fail to learn.

When we were a child in kindergarten and we could not recite the alphabet correctly, we did not chastise ourselves, and we certainly didn’t leave class because it was all too hard. We worked on understanding our ABC’s until we became proficient at it. Once learned, we would never need to learn it again.

We could then tackle other subjects in our curriculum. It is important to realize that while here in the physical world, we could regard ourselves as children learning the lessons of life from scratch…

(Two Worlds 22)

Dan’s Quote: “Even if you believe in a perfect world – it is still only a belief.”


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